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Facebook Pixels & Facebook Analytics

Get Professional Help With 

  1. Get eCommerce Product Feeds Up Quickly

  2. Advanced Facebook Pixel Tracking and Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

  3. Get Powerful Data And Uncover Trends For Your Facebook Ads To Gain Customer Insights Through Facebook Analytics

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Create powerful segments within Facebook Ads to work best for your business

1. Create Powerful Segments

Facebook tracks cross-device user behavior more effectively than other standard analytics platforms

2. See Cross-Device User Behavior

Reach your audiences easily and engage with them. Use "lookalike" audiences to grow your Facebook Ad Campaigns

3. Re-engage and Grow Your Audience



API Dashboards

  • Keywords Level Performance

  • Dashboards API Campaign

  • Image Performance

  • Monitoring Your Ads

  • Deep-dive Your Targeting

  • Visualization

  • SQL Queries

Advanced Pixels Implementation

  • Dynamic Ads Feed (Magento, WooCommerce, etc)

  • Custom Variable Pixels


  • Setup

  • Export API

  • Create Segment from CRM System

  • Link Your Facebook with Cart (CRM) Data

  • Create Custom Variable (eq: User ID, Email, etc)

"We built a customer data warehouse that organized loyalty data into meaningful data models to allow for easy analysis and querying via an audience segmentation tool built on Google App Engine."

Customer and Loyalty Data Warehouse for Large Premium Grocer

"The team has been resourceful and always staying up-to-date on digital marketing. They also put in a huge effort on A/B testing to optimize campaign results!"

Stacey, Uniqlo

"We developed customer data warehouse in google Big Query for senior management and marketing which integrated customer loyalty data from a cloud point of sales system, Google Analytics 4 for mobile for customer event tracking."

ZUS Coffee, Customer Analytics and Data Warehouse

"Deliverables are on point. The Project Manager takes time to understand our requirements."

Jess, Wing Tai Group

"Persuasion gives us good suggestions to improve our website and have boosted our sales compared to when we were previously managing it without them."

Jing Wen, The Wine Shop

“Persuasion team always provides us ideas for campaigns and strategies to achieve our objective.”

Cay, Kakitangan

"Persuasion Team have been providing great assistance, recommendations and solutions for us. Also, they are savvy and fun to discuss with!"

Aida, TOC

"PT is an extremely technologically competent company with people that have deep digital marketing know-how. For newbies, PT folks are patient and gentle. But if you're an experienced digital marketer - PT can run with you."

Chee Yan, Digital XFM


"Very nice to work together with the team for the last 5 years."


"The team at Persuasion Technologies has been very helpful in supporting us in achieving our marketing goals. They managed to garner ROI of 8.5:1 for us from Sep to Nov 2020 even when it was CMCO. We are very pleased with the outcome."

Samantha, Stellar Putrajaya Hotel

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