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Prerequisite: Basic Programming skills required

3-Day Workshop

Scale up as a Python Developer

Build 2 Project Repositories

What’s a good language to learn if I want to future proof my career?

Everyone seems to be learning and using Python these days. Can I do it too?

I want to start doing data science but I don’t know any Python

I want to build powerful web applications using Django but I don’t know any Python

There’s so much I could automate if only there was an easy and convenient way

Who Should Attend This Training

Learn to write Python programs from scratch and build useful scripts, automation, and applications

Be proficient in using idiomatic Python programming for day to day work

Effectively apply your Python skills in the data science domain

Confidently label yourself a Python Developer

Training Objectives

Scale up as a Python Developer

Use Python for all kinds of data processing and manipulation tasks, automation scripts, and even venture into data science and web development

Know how to write idiomatic Python code and leverage it to build robust code bases


The Python course is ideal for existing programmers and IT graduates looking to quickly build up their Python programming skills to get into technology startups, data science, and web development sectors.

Participants are required to bring their own laptops for the training

This training consists of lectures and hands-on exercises.

Participants are required to engage in extensive programming exercises and 2 projects

This Python training session will be for a maximum of 18 persons to optimize learning

Training Methodology

Scale up as a Python Developer today!

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